Wardrobe Renewal Patriotic Style

I have a large family full of girls.  I have had to be quite creative at times when it came to “hand-me-down” time.  “I don’t want that dress, it was so and so’s.  Can’t I have more skirts? I hate dresses.”  Now before I go too far let me say that my girls are not as finicky as they are beginning to sound.  I just merely want to share how I started on my journey of renewing wardrobes for my girls.  

Today’s project is a cute polka dot jumper that is going to my granddaughter.  It has lots of use still left in it but this time I am the one tired of it.  It was a perfect candidate for renewal!


I decided to give it a quick patriotic update!  

First I gathered a few essentials:


Needles, thread, ribbon, fray block and pins as well as two buttons and a sharp pair of scissors.  

Next…I removed the pink buttons and added new ones that were of similar size.  


I was loving it already!  But I thought it still needed something… BOWS!


I thought two little red bows on the pocket would perk this right up!   Now you could sew the bows directly to the pocket but as I was in a time crunch, I opted to just pin the under the facing of the pocket.  


The look is coming off perfectly. 


If you look closely though you can see that my ribbons are already starting to fray.  (Downfall to cheap ribbon). Lol and they aren’t quite the same size.  I trimmed the bows to make them of equal size and added Fray Block to the ends. 


Fray block has saved me many times.  (You can melt the ends of the ribbon with flame as well but I personally have a tendency to melt them unevenly.) 


Here is the finished project.  I spent no more than 10 minutes giving this dress a facelift and it’s just in time for America’s birthday!!  And my granddaughter looked adorable as always!  


Thank you for stopping by!  I hope this has inspired you to renew a few pieces in your own wardrobes!  

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