Creating my workable yet obtainable dream studio

Let’s face it, if you are like me, you have pinned and clipped ideas for your ultimate crafting room, dreaming of a beautiful space where everything has its place.  And then reality hits…I have like no money to use for my budget.  I cannot afford custom cabinets, plastic containers to sort and hold my goodies, coordinating paint to my fabrics (which would all be designer of course) etc…  But I do have usable pieces of furniture and I love to bargain shop.  Then reality hit me for a second time, the shop I was teaching at was closing and I needed to move my classes.  I needed to have my new space up and ready to teach sewing lessons within one month’s time.  With limited resources, this is how I turned my sewing room into my sewing school classroom.

Welcome to the Country Bella Studio.  We were blessed to have found a home with ample space.  This room is where the home’s breakfast area starts and “L shapes” into the family room.  Lucky for me, we didn’t really use it and it became my studio.

Here is where you enter my creative world.

My Teaching Space

This is my student center.  My class size for my younger clients is 4.  I had already purchased my 4 Babylock Molly’s before I had to move so yay me on that one. (Ps…best machines for beginning students without breaking the pocketbook.  I’m crushing on the Elizabeth Babylock machine for them.  Sigh.  Maybe Someday)  We added hooks to each end of the table to hold their totes which has already been one of my favorite cheap add-ons!  I haven’t decided on what style chair yet so until I do, I’m using a mix of what I have on hand; Folding chairs, sewing seats and even a rolling computer seat.  We are an equal opportunity tooshy supporter.  😉 I had one IKEA table already.  My gracious hubby ran off and purchased the second one. They worked perfect in the space.  Not only that but they are wide enough to lay out fabric and pattern pieces yet sturdy enough not to vibrate too much while the machines in use.  The circle hoops on the wall were waiting for fabric but I decided to start carrying some basic notions for the sewing school and that wall will become the “store”.  Clear as mud?  Cause that’s how my mind rolls 😊.

This spot was fun to create.  I wanted a place where I could sit with my computer work and plan out my classes and projects.  I nestled my chair close to the bookcase (which I bought from our local deal group).  I used the dresser to house various things such as zippers, elastics and stock for items that I will use in my Country Bella online shop.  The dresser matches part of my daughter’s set but by condensing down her clothing, I was able to use just one dresser for her and bring this one into my studio.  I do love the sweetness of it.   

As I stated above, I found this sweet little bookcase on a second hand deal page.  It has a little room to grow but I have time to come up with plan B. The button jars I found at our Dollar store.  Gosh that place really rocks sometimes!   My hubby cut pegboard to fit into a shabby frame I’ve had forever.  With a quick stop to get pegs and paint, that project was done within a few hours.  My fabric corner has special meaning to me.  My dad came and put up my ikea shelves, added extra support as they aren’t made to hold much weight, and even had two bookends made so my fabrics didn’t fall off.  Awesome right?  At the same time my mom purged over 100 pieces of fabric which I quickly found room for in my happy grouping of stashed fabric.  Who doesn’t love the gift of fabric?  The picket fence board is another of my dad’s creations that was for a craft show.  It was collecting dust and bringing it in added some needed hidden storage (we all need a place to throw things) as well as some character to my space.


This black herb rack I scored from a friend who is moving (and will probably want it back now) and wasn’t being used yet.  It now holds ikea containers for scissors, rotary cutters, notions, gadgets…you name, it’s most likely in there.  If you look close you can also see the dollar store foam boards I have cut and wrapped my fabrics on.  Best.  Idea.  Ever.  I don’t know who first started the trend for fabric wrapped boards but I love you.  Really.  

And here is my cutting table…aka our old breakfast nook table.  Someday soon she will grow up into a full sized cutting station.  We all have to start somewhere right?  If you follow my Pinterest you might even guess what table is going to be placed here.  But remember…I’m on a tight budget with a tighter timeline.

 Last but not least is my own sewing spot.   I love that I can create two more student stations here if I need to.   This cabinet I already owned as well. Another fabulous hand me down from my mom.  She’s a quilter at heart and I love that we share a joy of sewing together.

So with a million ideas from Pinterest,  a deadline to meet and a lot of love and support from my husband and parents, this is what I was able to achieve.  I have so much more I’d love to do but will have to wait for the next time.  Who knows what Part 2 will show. 😉

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